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Tasting notes are a tremendous way to 'get to know' each Cave B Esate wine. Enjoy reading our tasting notes on each wine from our Winemaker, Freddy Arredondo in our online store: Click on the labels to display the tasting notes. We are happy to take your orders and have them ready for you to pick up at either our Quincy or Woodinville locations and invite you to place your online shipping orders this fall as the temperatures drops we will start shipping again - thank you!


2014 Viognier

Our Viognier is wonderful.. The 2014 vintage nose commences with true Rhone white wine authority, clean, crisp, floral and beautifully aromatic. The palate brings on a beautifully lush, creamy texture to accompany the flavors dancing across your taste buds. There is a bright acidity that lends the 2014 Viognier a beautiful balance and ability to pair with a number of different foods.


2012 Semillon

Ripe cantaloupe melon, hints of papaya, lemon meringue pie with toasted meringue and just a bit of candied orange zest attack your sense of smell as you bring this wine to your nose. The palate is smooth round and rich with plenty of well-integrated acidity. Flavors of Papaya greet you on the palate along with some orange zest and a bit of barrel toast, adding to the nice mouth-feel. Our Semillon has always been a favorite white wine for people who typically only drink red wine, because it offers just a bit of tannin and texture on the palate.


2012 Chardonnay

Candied tangerine zest and white flowers hit my nose first. Fresh pineapple and dried mango along with hints of Crenshaw melon are all wrapped in suggestions of a dusty minerality. The creamy texture of the palate mimics much of what was offered on the nose. In addition to flavors of pineapple, melon and mango the citrus comes off like a kind of citrus infused crème brûlée, the brûlée portion thanks to a beautifully integrated barrel toast.

Unoaked Chardonnay

2014 Unoaked Chardonnay

The lovely bouquet is filled with aromas of Candied orange rind, fresh guava, pineapple and a hint of peach preserves. On the palate this wine offers a nice weight on the tongue, which gives the wine some depth and dimension. Fresh guava, pineapple, Satsuma oranges, and nectarines are all over the palate of this lovely, easy drinking wine.

Cuvée Blanc

2014 Cuvée Blanc

2014 was an amazing vintage and our second vintage of a White Bordeaux blend 50% Semillon, 50% Sauvignon Blanc. The beautiful medley of aromas leaps out of the glass to grab your attention right off the bat. The kiwi is wonderfully intermixed with rich aromas of lemon custard, pretty floral notes and sweet scents of ripe nectarines and salmonberries. There is a bit of grassiness from the Sauvignon Blanc that plays perfectly with those ripe fruit aromas. The texture is creamy and the complexity of flavors rewarding: a new favorite.

Cavewoman White

2014 Cavewoman White:Gold North Central WA Wine Awards

Cavewoman White is a lovely blend of Chardonnay and Semillon. The nose is filled with Granny Smith apples, Bosc pears, pink grapefruit and Honey Dew melon. The palate follows suit and finishes with a hint of peach flavored Jolly Rancher. A terrific sipper and great for parties too!

Sauvignon Blanc

2013 Sauvignon Blanc:Gold North Central WA Wine Awards

The 2013 Sauvignon Blanc vintage is nothing short of stunning. The nose commences with an abundance of lemongrass. Aromas of Boxwood, lime zest and a hint of green papaya fill out the wonderfully fresh bouquet. On the palate the lime zest transitions to flavors of lemongrass with hints of honeysuckle and honeydew. All come together with a beautiful acidity that is perfectly balanced to the wine.


2014 Riesling

The Ancient Lakes AVA is quickly becoming recognized as the premier growing region for white grape varieties, particularly Riesling with most of our state’s high-end Rieslings being grown in this area. Our Rieslings have proven this for years. On the palate the lemon zest takes on a candied quality. The flavors continue with crisp flavors of Asian pear, Bartlett pear that is a bit short of fully ripe, hints of green mango, Honeydew melon, with a long finish of crisp acidity laced with that “minerality”.


2012 Gewürztraminer: Double Gold Seattle Wine Awards

The nose of our 2012 Gewürztraminer explodes with fresh fruit aromas. Off-dry at about 1.2% residual sugar this Gewürztraminer is appropriately sweet. There is a little bit of papaya that jumps into the flavor mix which matches the nose. The lime from the nose comes on as lime custard on the palate, rather than fresh limes. This wine is great with unconventional, and ethnic items for wine pairing.

Ice Wine

2013 Semillon Ice Wine: Best in Class Double Gold North Central WA Wine Awards

Ice Wine is a true labor of love. All of that labor and love make for a tremendous wine that is simply amazing paired with the right dessert, or can even be dessert unto itself. Our 2013 Ice Wine is made from Semillon grapes. The nose is almost too much for words or normal descriptors because the aromas are so intense they can be difficult to decipher. Poached pears, vanilla bean, macerated nectarines, sliced untoasted almonds, cantaloupe, bananas, apricots, and piña colada are some of the aromas I sense out of this intensely aromatic wine. The palate is rich, sweet and tremendously flavorful.




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